Hello there.

Why on earth are you reading this blog?

Today, on matters concerning my existence...

Welcome! This will be the personal blog of one human being known as Devin Sit. As the name hopefully implies, topics on this blog will be on any matters that concern my existence (aka, whatever I feel like writing about).

For the first little while, the bulk of my posts will be related to the progress I'm making towards launching my first startup, uFincs, a personal finance SaaS that I've been working on for quite a while now. Writing posts on my progress will be one of several ways that I'll be keeping myself accountable, being a solo founder and all.

Other than that, as primarily a software developer/aspiring entrepreneur, non-uFincs related posts will most likely be technical in nature, concerning particular technologies (mainly in the web development world) that I find interesting. I'm sure more abstract topics will also work their way in along the way.

Honestly, I don't really expect anyone to find or read these posts (again, it's mostly about self accountability), but maybe someone will find them amusing or educational.

Either way, till next time when I have more to write about on the matters concerning my existence!